Mahdi Luster

Manufacturer Of Luxury Lighting Products

About Us


Mahdi Luster Industries Factory

It was established by Mr. Mohammad Javad Ansari in 1981 in Tehran.

This long-term experience has led to a valuable experience in the field of luxury decorative products.

Today, our masters try to increase the splendor and beauty of your space as much as possible in a space of nearly 10,000 square meters next to each other and with hand art and its combination with technology.



Mahdi Luster Products

It is made of 4 materials: Metal, porcelain, brass and crystal. Depending on the type of material, the products have different finishes in terms of final coating.

The use of gold, silver foil, double-skin crystals, etc. for the final coating of products all depends on the raw material.



Benefit from the craftsmanship of skilled craftsmen,

It is an integral part of the chandelier production process. It is safe to say that more than 70% of all products are made by the artist of our colleagues and to your order.

Challenges Accepted

Along with an unparalleled variety of materials, sizes, designs and coatings,

Chandelier Mehdi always welcomes requests to make products exclusively with open arms.

 For luxury residential and commercial projects, mosques and shrines that have a special need for the product and can not be selected from our collections, it is possible to build exclusively.


Social Responsibility

Mahdi Luster

Considers itself responsible for environmental protection.

We are committed to the use of natural resources and work in this direction without any shortcomings. Therefore, moving the factory around Tehran, using an up-to-date water purification system, using energy-saving lamps, and planting seedlings on an annual basis are some of our efforts to maintain this God-given gift.