Selection of Mahdi Luster, as top and exemplary producer of lighting products for 17 years, led the company to eye international market. Given the above issue, all products of Mahdi Luster are famous and well-known not only in Iran but also in other countries of world. It is for years that Mahdi Luster exports its high-quality products to foreign countries.  

It is worth mentioning that Mahdi Luster is pioneer and forerunner in international standards level. Some limited European brands are qualitative rivals of Mahdi Luster.

Mahdi Luster is proud to announce that it has so far exported its high-quality products to other countries such as Denmark, Russia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Ukraine, Mongolia, etc., which indicates high quality of its products in international levels according to the latest standards. . 

The management of Mahdi Luster has made all its utmost efforts to resonate the glorious name of Islamic Iran around the world and showcase the heritage of Iranian art in the world.