Obtaining Representative Office

Mahdi Luster’s products are supplied in many cities in Iran such as Qazvin, Mashhad, Ardebil, Tabriz, etc. and also foreign countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Mongolia, etc.

Given the above issue, Mahdi Luster has taken necessary measures in the field of accelerating the issue of granting agency or representative office in the present website in order to save time of industrious staff and personnel and also enthusiasts who intend to obtain authorized sales agency for Mahdi Luster’s products.

For this purpose, just go to this page and enter your information in full details. (Be sure that the information related to the store should be filled out completely.)

Then, this information is put available to the relevant experts. While studying the accuracy and authentication of information, eligible applicants will be contacted and full terms and conditions of cooperation will be provided by the company for these applicants.

In the event of an initial agreement, you are invited to attend the meeting in person and conclusion of final contract for granting agency to the qualified applicants will be held at the Central Office of Mahdi Luster.

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